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This year MFFA celebrates the month of women empowerment with our very special guest, Mrunmayee Deshpande, actor and debutant female director (Mann Fakira).  Join us for a chat with Mrunmayee to hear her talk about her journey as a woman in the marathi film industry.

The Prabhat Film Company was founded in 1929.  Pioneers in Indian Cinema, we celebrate their 90 year anniversary by screening one of their classics.  Join us for a chat with Anil Damle, the grandson of Vishnupant Damle to relive the golden era of Cinema. 

Classic to Contemparary

MFFA 2020 Program

28 March, 12:00 PM -Village Cinemas, Knox

28 March, 4:00 PM - Village cinemas, Werribee

Mann Fakira  (126 Mins)

Synopsis - 

Mann Fakira, is a four-dimensional romance where four people are in one-sided love with each other. The complicated tale between these 4 people will weave a tale of comedy, love, emotions, heartbreaks, and who knows maybe they will end up finding true love.

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Cast- Sayali Sanjeev, Suvrat Joshi, Anjali Patil and Ankit Mohan

Director- Mrunmayee Deshpande

Join us for a chat with the dynamic actor, writer, director Mrunmayee Deshpande to celebrate the month of women empowerment.


29 March, 12:00 PM - Village Cinemas, Knox 

Sant Dnyaneshwar ( 139 min)

29 March, 4:00 PM - Village cinemas, Werribee

Synopsis - 

It was the period of Second World War. The entire world was against with inhuman massacre ordered by Hitler. In such times, Prabhat felt the need of making the film on Sant Dnyaneshwar, who despite so many sufferings and hurdles preached the cause of humanity.

The first Marathi film to be telecast by Bombay Doordarshan in 1972. It was the first Indian film screened in USA and American Cinematograph carried a review in its October, 1941 issue praising trick photography of the film.

Cast- Shahu Modak, Yashwant, Tamhankar, Shanta Mujumdar, Manju, Sumati Gupte

Director- V. Damle & S. Fatelal

Sant Dnyaneshwar010.jpeg

Join us for a chat with Anil Damle, the grandson of Vishnupant Damle, one of the founders of the legendary Prabhat films and relive the times of the golden era of marathi films.

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